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Services towards Researchers

AB Realisator Management Consulting offers researchers and research organisations help with for example:
   • Market investigations
Business plans
Patent and Brand issues
    Market development
    Customer contacts
    Setting up commercial organisations
    Management of commercial organisations

Researchers might have brilliant ideas and results but it is not uncommon that they lack the knowledge and experience to successfully commercialise it. In fact it is rather common that a different personality is required to bring the scientific development onto the market and
turn it into a profitable commercial business.

AB Realisator Management Consulting offers help to commercialise ideas and results. This implies that the customer takes full advantage of my knowledge and
experience. My intellectual background, as a scientist, is a requisite to establish the necessary confidence in the cooperation between scientists and business oriented requirements. Also I bring along the experience from product and market development in several different fields. Perhaps the most important is that I bring along my personality and the ability to make people work together towards a common goal.

Among recent missions AB Realisator Management Consulting has helped research organisations with market investigations in order to find out how to best take advantage of specific patents.

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