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Services towards Industry

AB Realisator Management Consulting helps your company for example to set up
   • Strategies for cooperation with the academy
    Business plans for cooperation with the academy
    Contacts with suitable partners in the academy worldwide
    Scientific cooperation with the academy
Processes to evaluate your cooperation with the academia.

Several advantages exist for industry to cooperate with the academia on scientific matters. The most obvious is the possibilities to exploit scientific results in tomorrow’s product development. The most attractive is of course to have a patent that prevent competitors entering your market.

Also from a market perspective advantages exist in cooperating with the academia. The frontline of science often indicates the up and coming markets. Cooperation with the academia gives your company the first indications on where your market is moving. By participating at the frontline of research you will have a good opportunity to influence where your market is moving. Furthermore, it might be the case that your customers feel more comfortable when they know that investing in your products and services implies investments in products and services that are future proof.
Thomas Eriksson - the founder of AB Realisator Management Consulting

Cooperation with the academia is also a way to secure your recruitment of highly qualified people. Cooperation with the academia implies that you start discovering young people in the early stages of their career. There is a high probability that you will find that some of the people would fit very well into the culture of your company. In case you need to reinforce your knowledge base in the company you know whom to offer a position to. It might also be the case that your product development personnel find it stimulating to discuss their topic with the academy.


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