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Services towards Funding Bodies

AB Realisator Management Consulting offers research funding organisations help with, for example, evaluation of their funding activities. For larger evaluations (many different topics or perspectives) the role is often as process leader for an evaluation team that shows the competence to undertake the evaluation.  For this kind of evaluation AB Realisator Management Consulting offers a full evaluation service concept, implying running of the entire evaluation process from idea to evaluation report. Together with one of the VINNOVA Evaluation Teams. From left: Mattias Lundberg, Programme Manager, VINNOVA, SWEDEN; Prof. Jack Hu, Univ Michigan, USA; Prof. Douglas Reeve, Univ Toronto, CANADA; Prof. Anne H Andersson, Univ Dundee, SCOTLAND; Prof. Alison McKay, Univ Leeds, ENGLAND; Thomas Eriksson, Realisator, SWEDEN
The main components in such work are to:
    Design the evaluation
    Set up the logistics
    Appoint and contract suitable international scientific experts
    Appoint and contract suitable international generalist experts
    Execute the evaluation
   Compile and/or co- author the evaluation report
   • Etc.

On the whole research funding organisations are interested in evaluating their funding activities. Large evaluations normally require a lot of additional work for such an organisation.  Also, a number of new questions and tasks often arise. In order to secure the outcome and quality of an evaluation it might be wise to let a full evaluation service provider undertake the task. This also means that your organisation can take advantage of the experience from other organisations that the full evaluation service provider can give.

AB Realisator Management Consulting is a full evaluation service provider with huge experience as process leader for evaluation of Competence Research Centre (CRC) programmes including site visits at different centres, scientific evaluations as well as general evaluation. The outcome of such an evaluation is for example recommendations to the funding organisation on how to improve the programme, as well as recommendations to each centre on how to develop further.

At present, AB Realisator Management Consulting has undertaken a full evaluation service mission for the Swedish Energy Agency. The mission involves the evaluation of six competence centres with financing from the agency. AB Realisator Management Consulting is also the process leader with full evaluation service mission from the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA) in the evaluation of fifteen VINN Excellence Centres and the VINN Excellence Centre programme as such. VINNOVA has also contracted AB Realisator Management Consulting as a full evaluation service provider for the evaluation of the Key Actors Programme and its granted projects.

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