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The company

AB Realisator Management Consulting was founded by me during spring 2008.  The company is based on the knowledge, experience, professionalism, and quality I have received from more than 25 years as an employee in organisations dealing with research and development from a number of different perspectives, see CV. The idea is to bring all this together and offer it to organisations operating in the market of interactions between industry, academy, and society.

My intellectual background is a PhD in Solid State Electronics from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, and a Master of Science (Material Science) from the University of Uppsala, Sweden. I have experience from working with R&D (research and development) from a business perspective in Ericsson, Studsvik, and the Swedish Defence Research Institute (FOI). The society perspective is covered through my years with funding bodies such as VINNOVA, Foundation for Strategic Research, and Swedish Research Council for Engineering Sciences. In front of the office.

This means that I have dealt with R&D all the way from basic science to pilot plant production including business development, policy issues, communication, marketing and sales - all on the international arena. During this time I have been in leading positions with profit and loss as well as having responsibility for the personnel, respectively.  I have applied for and receive research grants. My list of publications consists of approximately 25 papers together with a patent. It is the mixture of knowledge and experience from working with R&D in industry, academy, and society that constitutes the unique selling point for AB Realisator Management Consulting. The aim of the company is to further develop that skill in cooperation with my customers.

Contact: AB Realisator, PO Box 98, SE - 619 22 Trosa, Sweden
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